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and all. i would say that i think as far as cutting spending goes, someone like paul ryan, being in the white house, much better bet that having will we have have the last four years. very serious. of course he and mitt romney but have to corral a congress that does not seem to agree on anything. as we know, both parties think that spending is very seductive, but they have to do something, and that think it is a better bet for mitt romney in paul ryan. i would say entitlements, whoever gets in, romney said he will repeal obamacare. also, don't forget supreme court appointments. we could have two justices stepping down. that would be a huge, huge response ability for the next president. gerri: ed, i would give you the last word. what will we be watching for? what will be most telling about how the selection might go? >> early evening, having a lottery ticket. if romney was florida and virginia and north carolina, he's on his life. if he loses any of those three them there is a very long night and the probability is not great gerri: florida, virginia, north carolina. i have my list
to and in wisconsin thanks to paul ryan being a running mate. maybe pick up the six in iowa. an uphill battle. polls show the president leading by five points are so. that is how you, altogether 16 electoral votes to offset the 18 you potentially lose in ohio. anyone's guess, but something will pursue now with sarah palin who remembers the pressure of this night four years ago. very good to have you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. nice to speak with you. neil: have you think it is going? >> well, as predicted, very, very close. i was just trying to pay as close attention as i could to your commentary, trying to hear what you were saying about ohio. that, of course, is a bit of a bellwether and very pivotal. what is new with ohio, maybe you have a better update and i do. neil: as i try to say, it's hard with all these different states coming in. too close to call. you know, there is a strategy that the romney folks have. if they were to lose ohio, i should stress, you know this better than anybody, the first numbers that come in of the early voters, and there are a lot of them. i don
that guy. paul ryan. this is an event going on. in chester, ohio. just to let you know, we have brought out the be and mightiest of the republican party here. perhaps like a political avengers team. you have rob portman and governor john cusick and bobby jindal there. you have virginia governor bob mcdonnell. he will be joining us shortly. i mean, that is the who's who of the republican party in an all-out push to fit mitt romney over the top. to show you how tight the ohio races. they are either dead tired or separated by no more than two points. well within the margin of error. they have no idea how it will turn out. but we do know that for mitt romney, the math gets tough and less he wins in ohio. i'm talking about the electoral map and that is where he will have to do it. they are bringing out a full team to make that happen. my next guest says the president helps union workers. delphi went bankrupt. former delphi worker tom rhodes. would have been? >> thank you for having me. myself and 20 other retirees are just one of the untold casualties of the auto bailout. after the gym bankruptc
and paul ryan has mad for moving back to the policies of president george w. bush. >> but your grandfather in the 36th race that things were better but things weren't great. they still weren't great. this is the kind of tempo this time around. do you think it will work? >> there is a lot of similarities. my grandfather in 1936 talked directly to the american people and said, look, i need four more years to keep us movingn the right direction. we are not there yet. we need to keep running in the right direction and he won in a huge land i land slide. >> neil: always a pleasure. rick santorum, with pennsylvania. it's even! from 17 billion chips worldwide to a world of super-connected intelligence. the potential of freescale unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. to investing with knowledge. the potential of td ameritrade unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists ithe world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates
. >> paul ryan comes out well. neil: really? >> he did not sizzle. lou: he lost wisconsin. neil: they were not winning wisconsin. >> no way. lou: why would you bridge him on. >> he was -- >> you don't think he was disappointing on the stump. >> he did fine. rubio is going to be there. lou: i'll buy rubio. neil: what about chris christie, lou's friend. >> sorry. i think what chri chris christid with the storm, not just emprissinembracing the presiden. he is too moderate on social issues for republican base. neil: you say republican party will go hard right? >> no, they are going to go, is going to be younger, more libertarianish. this is a party that will embrace fiscal conservativism. neil: do you agree dave? >> well, i think they will keep with fiscal conservative implement you can't have you know democratic spending policies, and republican tax policies. i mean, fact is that problem is overwhelmingly a spending problem. both parties have allowed government to grow too big, and promise too much. we need to resou restructture nt we're. >> no one came out as a obvious next contendor. neil:
. neil: congressman, thank you so much. paul ryan back in the nation's capital today. keep in mind that he was still able to run for his congressional seat. the house budget committee chairman again, he is going to continue being the loyal voice to the opposition. he, too, ii open to revenue. why alice rivlin does that can be the start of something good. she is next. what's next? he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and childr should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk
to build a swimming pool when we lost is your proof. neil: congressman, thank you so much. paul ryan back in the nation's capital today. keep mind that he was still able to run for his congressional set. the house budget committee chairman again, he is going to contue being the loyal voice to the opposition. he, too, ii open to evenue. why alice rivlin does that can be the start of something good. she is next. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery d! helium delivery. put it on my spk card! [ pop! ] garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! esome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? or double miles on every purchase, every day! ♪ farthee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly woy doodle all the day
've been talking to the leaders and they're intensely supporting mitt romney and paul ryan and why that's important, ohio is kind of the linchpin of the election and in ohio evangelicals constitute about 30% of the vote. and barack obama just carried ohio four years ago, but because john mccain had really done no outreach to the evangelicals and they were loaded up on our colleague mike huckabee, they stayed home. 300,000 evangelicals in ohio didn't vote in 2008. obama won by 260,000 votes. if they come out in large numbers more romney and ryan in ohio next tuesday, as they did for george bush in 2004 and 2000, i think that romney could take that state. stuart: now, are the evangelicals voting positively for mitt romney? because they like mitt romney? or are they voting negatively against president obama? because they don't like president obama? >> well, the good news for romney is that it's a combination of both. romney has done outreach to them. and richard land of the southern baptist convention has endorsed him. did that yesterday. he met with billy graham about three weeks ago, gra
. cheryl: the video we just showed you of governor romney and his running mate paul ryan at this point going where are they going? cleveland, ohio. we were just saying it would all be about ohio. >> he's not playing basketball. cheryl: something else, at the end of the day this country has a lot more to deal with after today, the fiscal cliff, talking about taxes, regulations, everything on the table and if we do have president obama reelected it will be up to congress but at this point we don't think it will change but it looks like they will most likely be the same. how do you deal with that as an investor? >> the debt eventually implode. they are taunting markets with $16 trillion. if nothing is done we will be in the 20s the next four years and i don't know what day we wake up and the market fights back. remember the housing bubble to two or three years to happen before that imploded and they are making a huge mistake and glossing over it by the fed printing money to cover the debts and the bottom line for me is we will wake up one day at one point and the markets are going to crat
of paul ryan, pushing for scott walker, doing these things that are the kinds of things republicans need to do to draw the contrast with the president in the white house. lou: if i understand correctly, the status quo election will be a complete victory for both parties; is that correct? >> no, not at all. lou: just kidding. >> i know, i know. i think mitt romney was a good man, immediate i don't career -- mediocre candidate with a bad cam payment. you can't lay that on the rnc. lou: i've never seen an instance where the republican national committee was held responsible for a campaign, ever. great to see you both. the hair looks great there. >> thank you. lou: i understand it's the result -- >> oh, wow. >> i permly learned the -- personally learned the consequences of losing, lou. i lost the bet. lou: also the consequences that lead to doing good for a charity. thank you. >> thank you. lou: war producing heros and tragedies, too many to count, outpost in afghanistan, and detailed accurately by jake tapper in the new book "the outpost," ed henry gave me permission to talk with him tonigh
to these entitlement programs, no matter what your party is and whether you agree with paul ryan or not, he did put bold initiatives to try to bring these costs down and people rejected it. i thk we took a step back in the last election in terms of fixing the programs. >> having said that, a lot of people say i paid into social security and i deserve that. i don't see how medicaid can hold out. i think that's going to collapse a lot sooner than any economist we be forecast. >> there's a good reason why i agree with you. that may be the fastest entitlement program. here is the reason why. not because it's bankrupting washington, because they have been for 15 years. the reason is because it's bankrupting the state. states pay about 40% of the cost and every governor that i talk to, they say that we can't afford this anymore. it is becoming the top of our budget. i agree with you. that could be the program that we fix first. charles: predent obama is in and more people want out. tens of thousands of people are signing petition to secede from the union. we have ron paul on the phone right now. it sound
in the midwest, paul ryan has fizzled, they thought he could carry this part of the state,. neil: do you think that wisconsin is gone as well, that was like the back policy that if the romney folks, could not win, ohio, maybe they could cobble together enough other rust built states and -- belt states, i will throw in iowa and minnesota and wisconsin, a couple others to offset, losing that, you don't think that is likely? >> no it is clear they are going to lose ohio. >> why do you think clearly? >> well, you know, i spend time in ohio, the polls say, that but -- >> not all of the polls so -- are you privy it stuff i'm not, you probably are. >> let's set polls aside, and look at reality, i have been on the ground, i was in parts of ohio, secretary of state there, tried to do a let to suppress turn out, trying to cut off sunday voting, a huge thing for democrats in ohio it was unbelieveable exciting to be in cleveland yesterday, and it was like a street scene with a huge line, i think that is terrible thing but good news people were not moving. neil: you are not troubled by -- by the way, i kno
. >> the irony of a lot of this healthare politics is that democrats criticize paul ryan for the premum support plan for medicare reform. the obamacare exchanges which apply to people who are a low-middle incomalso is a premium support plan. so democrats have an argument against applyg the obamacare racing just medicare? d mean, they like obamacare. what would be so terrible about migrating seniors into the obamacare exchange as a way to reform medicare using a democratic approh. gerri: you're turning the law and set a little bit there. interesting florida, for example , medicare and medicaid. very important. 27 percent of dotors are not accepting medicare patients right now. is that oing to get better or worse? the cost pressure and spdingause presres of medicare, the politicians have chated when not going to reform the program to me it more efficient. eulost pay doctors and hospitals less to cover this impatience. at a certain point doctors quit and house bills go broke. the medicare actuary says that 15 percent of all hospitals will go broke by the end of the decade because of these cu. 30 p
the house majority but they're not leading the party. and -- i'm sorry. lori: will paul ryan have resurgence? >> that is interesting question. he lost his home state. governor romney and paul ryan lost his home state in wisconsin. they didn't do well there. he, to me it is a very open question as to what his role will be. it will be obviously have the opportunity to create a role and to define himself better but he sure going to have to be more than a one-trick pony. he has to learn to say something besides budget. it is really important that he go beyond that in his, in his political persona. the, you know the republicans have got lots of smart folks but man those smart folks have to start thinking and they have got to start working. we have a lot of lazy republicans it looks to me like. and i'm talking about leading the party, and it in its various factions. we have lazy republicans when it comes to turning out to vote. that was the big deal. melissa: go vote. lou dobbs, thank you so much. see lou every day here at this time. >> isn't that exciting? melissa: 7:00 and 10:00 eastern tonight.
happens. neil: and what you mean. as are talking here, paul ryan, his house seats in wisconsin , he could run for congressman again. also the chairman of the house budget committee, but he conveniently easily wins his house seat. concurrently running for vice president. of course mitt romney's running mate. should he go down to defeat tonight he can take heart in knowing that you will still be a player, maybe a power player in the house of representatives, but certainly some disappointment that he was not able to deliver his state of wisconsin for republicans and i. what you make of that? >> well, we're going to see the affordable care acted implemented. this giant deficit that's facing us. we have the budget cuts coming. he's going to be on center stage in a matter what happens. it will be interesting to see. i can't imagine it's a particularly politically attractive place to be, but he will definitely be a limelight. neil: for getting support reports that george allen in virginia is ready to take the stage. we do not know if that is a concession speech. he would concede, but we're watch
are going to hit a wall here. this is what governor romney, paul ryan have been talking about. ryan's two years of budget proposals passed by the house, killed by the democrats in the senate saying, look, we know the laws of economics kick in here, and these programs are going to come to a screeching halt because there is no more money, so what we'd like to do now, before the crisis, is try to reform these programs in order to save them, not destroy them. dagen: i said this for years, social security's an easy fix because you're not dealing with people's health. social security is just, you know, changing the retirement age and changing how the initial benefit is calculated, and that's pretty much it. it seems so simple, but it's hard, nevertheless, to get the republicans a large group of them, to get excited about doing this so do you think that it doesn't happen until, well, until it has to happen? that's a few years from now. >> interesting question because i think one of the big untold stories about the election, you know, yes, barack obama was re-elected, and democrats picked up seat
, government bad, government bad. melissa: right. >> if you look paul ryan budget, it desmates fema. we need fema to coordinate between the states. that's why we got rid of articles of confederation and replaced it with the constitution. so one central government could help states work out in situations like this and we're showing that it work. >> brad, i don't know maybe it is time to make the distinction government isn't necessarily bad, it is bad at a lot of different things. this is one of the thing it is good at, national security, national disaster. what do you think? >> absolutely. all government is not bad but government should only do for the people what they can't do for themselves. let me remind my friend chris, a few days of good governance doesn't erase four years of incompetence by this administration. fema continues to do a good job. they're exactly the kind of government agency that we need because people can't do for themselves in emergencies. the problem we have people who deliver big checks and checks are given out and money is spent and it is never accounted for. that is
and paul ryan and everyone else associated with the campaign pitching for red cross donations. very crucial in these next days before the presidential election to balance of that very delicate line between just being political and being caring, not the ps/2. it's always a juxtaposition for the challenger. on the same day the president of the united states was touring the garden state with no less than chris christie, a lot of political mechanician is read into that one. as a new jersey resident, you take it wherever you can. earlier today, if you are chris christie looking for financial health, gorman and his job was offering id you ticket and run with it. today the two men during damaged areas. so many of the places that made new jersey one of the cost is clean of states in the country. now, back to florida and this race and how things stand. i want to bring you up-to-date on the latest poll. these are some shockers. we have always told you. my body with and we will be hearing shortly, it is as tight as a tape. is pretty much confirms it. 46-46. that is called a tie. now take a look at the
they put paul ryan in the closet and haven't talked about him. >> he is completely wrong. tax reform, repeal of regulatory reform, obamacare. >> he is not winning anyway. melissa: boy, smoking out here. monica we'll see you much more friendlier spare change at the end of the show. >> you got it. melissa: swing states have all the fun. the last minute bless for the votes overtakes nevada, iowa and virginia. the cream of the fox business crop is live from the battlegrounds. we'll hit you with all the latest in an election lightning round. don't go away. at the end of the day it is all about money and this election. ♪ melissa: we have breaking news. new york governor andrew cuomo said residents can poll at any polling place by affidavit. that is the way to assure people can get to the polls. these last minute decisions are making me nervous about everyone suing each other after the election. either way there are only 12 hours until the first polls open. we have reporters around the country to get a first happened look at voting in some key swing states. it is now time for money's pre-
. why they put paul ryan in the closet and haven't talked about him. >> he is completely wrong. tax reform, repeal of regulatory reform, obamacare. >> he is not winning anyway. melissa: boy, smoking out here. monica we'll see you much more friendlier spare change at the end of the show. >> you got it. melissa: swing states have all the fun. the last minute bless for the votes overtakes nevada, iowa and virginia. the cream of the fox business crop is live from the battlegrounds. we'll hit you with all the latest in an election lightning round. don't go away. at the end of the day it is all about money and this election. ♪ oohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna and up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. melissa: we have breaking news. new york governor andrew cuomo said residents can poll at any polling place by affidavit. t
will hash it out. characters will emerge. will it be paul ryan, the vice presidential candidate. neil: i don't know. but in a bill battle, not winning his state might have heard in. >> all of the baggage it comes with the name that i mention now, don't forget it. richard nixon came back to win. it can happen. neil: by the way, we have had a number of amendments and various other propositions that came up today. you'll be happy to know, three more states have said . watching through the fog. but also, three states rejecting this health care law. they have to go ahead and force people to join and pay for health care. they supported propositions. handling. they don't want to go along with that. the real surprise. neil: the affordable health care act, it is far from resolved reconciled, and a sure thing. the challenges remain. likely to grow. there is a growing theory that internally the law itself is so inconsistent and contradictory that it can even be affected. we'll see those challenges. in terms of legalizing bought, i think somewhat quaint and charming that there are three states in whi
have a plan, the paul ryan plan to save these mandatory spending programs where democrats bankrupt them. stuart: we listened to you. we have senator tom coburn releasing another report on government waste. the department of defense spending billions on nonmilitary research. i will call them outrageous projects. jesus saving fictional space aliens. can you believe this? money was spent on that. find out how much. that will be new at 10:00. gap went down the tubes. however, the stock today is way up. >> went down the tubes? >> it lost favor. >> it really was out of favor. the story has completely turned around. number one on the s&p, quarterly profit jumped up again. this quarter up 60%. they put in a turnaround plan last year, they ousted the top designer and expanded abroad and you know how much they're a year to date? 85%. anyone of our viewers say 85%, i will take it and maybe even pay taxes on it. stuart: thanks very much. the dow is dead flat and as we always say time is money so here is 30 seconds worth of that, those 5 our energy drinks mentioned in 13 deaths reported in the last
they are in washington, mcconnell, boehner, you name it, paul ryan, democrats, pelosi, reid, they are working today. maybe it will take tomorrow and thursday off. but they know time is of the essence. they have to do this before the christmas holiday because you don't want people thinking their taxes are going to increase during the largest spending time of the year. now let's get to steve cohen which is fascinating. i mean clearly cohen is implicated in this case with this fund manager. now, has he been charged? no. here's the deal, the fund manager, worked for him, was a major fund manager at sac capital, one of their satellite divisions that dealt directly with cohen. i can't remember his name. liz: get the name right. >> help me out. get your producing team to get his name right. here's the thing, this guy says he's innocent. the real question is steve cohen. what is the future of steve cohen? and where is he? i can tell you in a major way cohen is being eyed by the federal investigators. he's been in the news a lot. we have a very interesting conversation, a deposition he gave in a civil suit.
, paul ryan, cantor and pelosi, reid, key members there, this is like two groups, they are not briefing their conferences much. they are not going out there and telling people what they are doing. these are private negotiations. from what i understand, they are pretty active private negotiations. this is where we are right now. again, we should point out based on everything i know, no deal until after thanksgiving. and by the way, then it becomes key. this is really interesting. if you don't have a deal after thanksgiving, think about what m cos next -- think about what comes next, you have christmas holiday shopping, that's a huge time for retailers, if people think they are going to get taxed, a fiscal cliff scenario where all the tax rates go up, every single bracket goes up, right, are people going to spend money? that's a real question. liz: we have a guest coming up to talk exactly about that. we will ask him that question. >> yeah, and i think this clock really starts ticking after this week because that's when people start thinking how much money -- it's already ticking. listen
this but on the other side of the screen, paul ryan voting in jamesville, wisconsin, casting his vote as of right now. very fast here, who do you expect to win. not to do you want to win, but how you see it happening today? >> i think romney will win the presidency because they are looking better in the number of the key states and even states like minnesota and pennsylvania are in place. the house of representatives, very important. whoever wins the house this election cycle will hold it for a decade because these are the new districts that will be there for ten years. republicans have 29 governorships adding one, 3 or four. what the state legislatures, arkansas, democrat, stay in both houses of the legislature since the civil war is going to go republican in both houses. stuart: we always appreciate you being with us. thanks again on this special election day. 9:49, time for your bold report. where are we? 1689, still shy of 79 but up $6 today. governor cuomo says -- new york's governor cuomo says utility company's response to sandy unacceptable. he is making some strides. more reaction to the stor
with it. >> when you heard from paul ryan during the campaign again, he had no back-up. you have to sell these policies to people. you have to explain them in a way that resonates and they can see my daily life looks like this, this is how it is going to be impacted, this is how my children and grandchildren are going to be impacted. these government programs are not going to be here unless there's reform. stuart: can you get elected if you say i'm taking this away? >> i think you can get elected if you articulate it properly, do the outreach, do the marketing. the republican party did not take marketing 101. charles: ryan and romney seemed intimidated about saying we may take away your mortgage deduction, we may do this. they should have gone for it. obviously it is hindsight, but i think they should have gone for it. stuart: let's get to nicole. facebook shares, up earlier and then lower? what's going on? nicole: keep an eye on facebook because yesterday we talked about a couple analyst upgrades. today now you have the latest one which is nomura with a new buy rating and $32 price targ
-wing argument. grandma being thrown off a cliff in a wheelchair, paul ryan look-alike and who wants grandpa to be eating dog food and the rest of it. republicans always argue with facts and statistics and the debt and unemployment rate. what we need to do is talk to people more in terms of progrowth economic policies, about rectifying the situation. when you're going through demographic groups for so long for decades have bought into those emotional left-wing arguments, it is a challenge. tracy: will the president come to the center, do you think? >> i hope he will, i pray he will, i fear he will not. we needed on both sides, to think they look at it, certainly not in a lame duck. tracy: on that note, we love you anyway. come back. lori: look at the market reaction to the outcome of the election. a huge, sharp deep selloff. the dow down 283 points, both 100 points better than where we were earlier today. a broad-based selloff. the leading losers, energy, financials, nobody happy about higher taxes and lackluster economy. that is the new normal. unbelievable that is where we are. more after
mate as well, congressman paul ryan. that happened earlier. those are the headlines right now here in the fox newsroom. back to tracy. tracy: jamie colby, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. tracy: oil poised to snap a three legs losing streak amid growing hopes that congress and the president can reach an agreement. maybe they know something we don't and potentially avoid the fiscal cliff. sandra smith has details in today's trade. they will think they will get it done, what? >> that's correct. the markets can tell us a lot of things and the markets are telling us maybe a deal will get done. look at the crude oil market up 2%. hear is the weekly chart. going back to the win beginning of the week it was down, down. we had consecutive daily drops in oil. we reached this low in yesterday's trading session and now we have a bid in the oil market. so there is some anticipation we'll get some sort of resolution by year's end. a nice hefty boost by a couple bucks today. whether or not that continues will be up for grabs. we're certainly seeing traders stepping in here on th
but the white house. politically speaking, he didn't do himself any favors by saying paul ryan is a brilliant guy. melissa: everyone wants to look like they want to make a deal. [talking over each other] melissa: when push comes to shove they don't. charlie: i do not agree -- you are going to embrace the republican vice-presidential candidate in the middle of a hotly contested campaign. you will not be part of the new administration. is this baked in totally? i can't tell you the future, what the white house is signaling. erskine bowles is not running and the deficit commission, the idea of a chief negotiator, pretty much -- melissa: here comes the cleft. lori: steve versus steve, microsoft's ceo steve ballmer and windows chief steve singofski. 23 america south veteran coming. let's take a look at some movers in today's session, the doubt 33. some as the movers, southwestern energy, 6.7% gain, western union, all topping 3%. lori: quiet day for the markets but let's check to see what stocks are up to. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange with nicole petallides. bank ceos are
. stuart: there is no prayer of that. the details of paul ryan's plan have something to the degree. and during the debate, they had a lot on it, a lot of the concessions. >> you have to grandfather the middle class at a minimum. you don't need it on a go forward basis, the reason to have more mortgage interest deduction to start with is the interest rates in this country, and -- stuart: i agree with you. the grandfather concept, and have a mortgage. and can i suddenly not deduct the mortgage i had 25 years? >> a horrible thing for you. stuart: are we agreed on this? [talking over each other] charles: something is going to happen that people don't like. will be very unpopular with a bunch of people. they will pay higher taxes. stuart: treasury secretary tim geithner, on capitol hill, the fiscal cliff. isn't this what president obama should be doing? going on a pant decamping trail, and the tax the rich plan. he won the election. who else does he need to convince? doug shoen still a democrat. why is this, why is tim geithner talking to congressional leaders, politicians? >> we are no
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